To modify the root block, use touch functions.

Modeling 1

To select the touch function, press the upper left button. Touch functions are below:

Look At Move camera target to the center of block.
Paint Paint the block.
Pick Color Pick the block’s color.
Flood Color Paint the touched block and nearby blocks of same size repeatedly.
Divide Divide the block into eight blocks.
Trim Trim the block.
Extrude Extrude the block.
Expand Expand the block.

Basic Modeling Step

Basic modeling step is very simple. It is only divide, trim and paint.

Step 1. Divide

Select the divide function and touch block. One block will be divided into eight blocks.

Modeling 2

Divide limit is seven. You can create 2,097,152(128x128x128) blocks at the maximum (if your devise has enough memory). Actually, the limit might be 10K blocks.

Step 2. Trim

Select the trim function and touch block. One block will be removed.

Modeling 3

Step 3. Paint

Press the COLOR button. The palette will be appeared. You can select the color.
If you press long the COLOR button, you can change the background color.

Modeling 4

The number of use of each color is displayed.
The small rectangle appears on the current color.

To modify the color, press and hold the color square.
After selecting the color, touch function will be automatically changed to the paint mode.

Modeling 5

Select the paint function and touch block. Block’s color will be changed.

Various models can be built by repeating these steps.

Advanced Edit Functions

To use advanced edit functions, select the edit menu.
Free version does not contain some advanced edit functions.

Name Function Free version
Copy Blocks Copy all blocks.
Paste Blocks Paste blocks.
Rotate Rotate all blocks 90 degrees. Available
Scale Up Scale up blocks. Outer blocks will be removed.
Scale Down Scale down blocks. Minimal blocks will be removed.
Flip Flip blocks.
Mirror Copy Copy blocks symmetrically. Available
Partical Erace Erace blocks partially. Available
Subdivide Subdivide all blocks. Low Resolution
Optimize Reduce blocks. Available

Shift Function

You can shift the model using the shift function.
To use the shift function, use the shift menu.
(Menu -> Shift)

Full version contains the shift controller.
(Menu -> View -> Controller)


Full version can customize a shift amount and auto optimize.
(Menu -> System -> Preferences)


To use the undo function, press UNDO button. Undo limit is 10.