Data Specification

The Fumotrim data consists of various sized blocks. This block is called Boct (Octree Block). Boct is continuously divided into eight. Boct packet consists of 30bit binary data.

Boct Address

Boct packet is devided into the address part (24bit) and the material part (6bit). Address part consists of the header (3bit) and sub-address. The address length of root block is zero. If address length increases by one, the volume of block will be set to one eighth. Maximum block size is the 3rd power of 128.

Sub address shows the position of regular hexahedron divided into eight.

Block Order

This figure shows examples of address-part. The gray area is unused. The unused area is filled with zero.

Address Example

Fumotrim Data (Version10000)

Fumotrim data (.ftrim) is a text data of UTF-8.

Fumotrim data block is separated by line. The line feed code is LF. If # is inputted into a head, it become a comment line.

Boct data is encoded by Base64 method (a-zA-Z0-9+/). One packet is denoted by five characters. Boct material is comma separated values and expresses the RGB color of 24 bits with a hexadecimal number.